Why buy at Le Vertendre?


By becoming an owner, you benefit from a unique and peaceful environment where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors throughout each of the 4 seasons on preserved natural land.

  • A living environment where peace and tranquility reigns
  • An enchanted playground (lakes/waterfalls/streams and trails, that offer a multitude of activities all year around!)
  • A domain where one feels neither isolated nor invaded

In addition, for owners who wish to rent out their home, the rental and maintenance of your cottage or shelter is administered by Le Vertendre. (Either a fixed income or shared income lease available for those who wish to maximize the return on their investment before enjoying full-time residency.)

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One of the most beautiful natural environments in Quebec.

With more than one thousand acres of mature forest, bordering Mont-Orford National Park, Le Vertendre has two private lakes, more than 15 kilometers of protected waterways and 15 kilometers of trails.

Our Commitment to the Environment: For each construction, more than 1.5 acres are added to our private park, which to date represents a total of 340 acres of wildlife reserve that is protected indefinitely. 

Terrains disponibles (PDF)

Innovative Eco-Friendly Buildings

Ecological, luxurious, LEED certified homes.

Our cottages are built on the concept of an ecological luxury home, an innovative construction that combines contemporary architecture and energy efficiency. All our homes respect LEED standards (certification available), while offering the comfort of modern luxury surrounded by nature. Enjoy magnificent views and a serene atmosphere in the heart of nature, all year round!

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Zoobox Shelters

Innovative 50 mshelters at the heart of the forest:

Main wall composed of tall glass accordion doors to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature 
Completely autonomous in water and energy: solar panels, propane, wood heating, and an artesian well.
Minimal deforestation to preserve the natural ressources of the environment.
Optimized space and mezzanine: each shelter accommodates 6 people
No Vehicle Zone: accessed by a path, preserving the calm of the natural environment

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A Balanced Investment

At Le Vertendre, the impact of each of our decisions is scrutinized to find the best possible balance with respect to the environment, society and profitability.

Buying a home at Le Vertendre is:

  • Obtaining an asset that will grow in value each year
  • Preserving nature for future generations
  • An opportunity to benefit from a cost-effective rental program
un des investisseur dans nos terrains

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