Le Vertendre Territory

Le Vertendre offers its clients a boreal forest of more than 1000 acres on the southwest side of the Mount-Orford National Park, in the beautiful region of the Eastern Townships. This magnificent green sector is located only a 1 hour drive from Montreal, and only 45 minutes from the American border.

Moreover, you will find 15 km of private trails in the midst of the woodland shaped for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or mountain biking! You can also take great pleasure in discovering the waterfalls and streams found all throughout the land… and perhaps even by taking one of the paths leading to the top of Mount Sylvio-Lacharité, you can enjoy a panoramic view of several lakes and the Appalachian mountain range!

chasse à la grenouille

Lac de la Source

Previously, gravel was collected from the bottom of this water basin, which had a considerable negative effect on the surrounding wildlife and flora. This is when the Vertendre, with the approval of the Ministry of Environment in 2006, decided to refurbish this body of water, which is fed by natural sources coming from the mountain. You can take advantage of its lakeside for a nice picnic, or lounging in the sun between dips in the lake! There is also a sandbox built for our younger visitors, and a few footbridges built alongside the lake for frog hunting or even trout fishing!

During winter, you can lace up your skates while enjoying the snowy landscape of the majestic white mountain in front of you!

Lac aux Castors

Discover this ecological jewel in its purest natural state by exploring its shores while aboard a canoe at your disposal.

This rich floral wetland is sure to please you, as it attracts diverse wildlife including moose, white-tailed deer and river otters. And if you are lucky, you may have the chance to observe the building of a dam by the beavers!

our eco-friendly environment

Lacharité-Cascades Trails

These two trails make a beautiful loop of 5.5 km, taking you to the top of the mountain along beautiful streams and waterfalls throughout the entire year. A refreshing hike, where taking a plunge becomes very tempting in summer weather! During winter, put on your snowshoes or your climbing skins (back country skiing) to reach the summit of Mount Sylvio-Lacharité, which reaches approximately 600 meters in altitude. Once you have made it, take advantage of the unbelievable view to recharge before beginning your trek back down the mountain!

Chute des Schtroumpfs

On your way up or down the mountain you may discover… la Chute des Schtroumpfs (“Smurf’s Waterfall”). During periods of rainfall or melting snow, take a moment to appreciate this incredible natural water source just as you would a rare and precious work of art… Make a stop at the area so enchanted that it was actually approached for the shooting of the 3rd Smurfs movie! This beautiful waterfall also makes for a great place to take a swim; a true experience of a natural polar bath throughout the year!


Sentier de la réserve

This 5km trail borders the private natural reserve of 340 acres which is a protected sector, in order to preserve the various trees, plants and wetlands of that area. During any season, hikers are privileged to walk, snowshoe, cross-country ski or even winter bike (fat bike: four-season bike that minimizes soil erosion.). At the center of this boreal forest, you are in constant blissful proximity with the diverse wildlife and flora. Some of you may even have the chance to see species that are at risk such as the purple salamander and woody garlic, to name a few.

Sentier de la promenade

This “pioneer” trail is at the base of the Vertendre development, bypassing the streets and interspersed with magnificent woodlands. Both simple and accessible, it is approximately 2 km long and practicable for families of all ages. Explore the trail with a mountain bike, hike or snowshoeing and cross-country skiing during the winter season.