Founder of living spaces where the environment stimulates the individual

Creative, passionate…and a little crazy at times, we are – above anything- determined. We want this project to reflect the evolution of sustainable thinking and technology. We will continue to be a leading force within Quebec in the green economy… and we hope you join us in this great adventure.

Le Vertendre, créateurs d'espace

Thinking Differently

desire to protect wildlife and flora. An acknowledgment of our environmental responsibility. A will to adopt cutting-edge sustainable technologies. And a promise to provide superior quality housing.

These are the pillars of our philosophy.

Specialists in sustainable development, we have followed LEED standards to design houses that organically merge with their surroundings. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system that promotes the design and construction of green buildings.

Our mission is to foster an awareness of environmental responsibility, by making people aware of the impact of their actions and choices in regards to their use of resources.

January 2004, it’s winter…

”The sun is shining and my snowshoes sink in the white powdery snow. I stop walking for a brief moment, a little out of breath. I look up…

In an instant, my whole life changed.

Almost by accident, I had stumbled upon a magical place. Untouched, endless forest… I fell head over heels: Le Vertendre was born.

Since then, constant efforts have been made to ensure this land remains as enchanting as it appeared to me on that day. The Vertendre seeks to be a different kind of development, one that protects the environment by embracing sustainable thinking.”


Alain Chagnon


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